Abitare to live Nascere to be born
Aiutare to help Offrire to offer
Alzare to raise, lift Pagare to pay
Amare to love Parlare to talk
Andare to go Partire to leave, depart
Aprire to open Passare to pass
Arrivare to arrive Pensare to think
Ascoltare to listen Perdere to lose
Aspettare to wait Piacere to like
Avere to have Portare to carry
Bere to drink Potere to be able to/ ability
Cambiare to change Preferire to prefer
Cantare to sing Prendere to take
Capire to understand Preparare to prepare
Cercare to search Pulire to clean
Chiamare to call Restare to stay, remain
Chiedere to ask Ricevere to recieve
Cominciare to start Ricordare to remember
Comprare to buy Ridere to laugh
Conoscere to know Rispondere to answer
Correre to run Riuscire to succeed
Credere to believe Salire to go up
Crescere to grow Sapere to know
Cucinare to cook Scendere to go down
Dare to give Scrivere to write
Decidere to decide Sedere to sit
Dimenticare to forget Seguire to follow
Dire to say Sentire to feel, sense, hear
Diventare to become Spedire to send, ship
Divertire to have fun Spegnere to turn off
Dovere to have to Stare to be, stay
Entrare to enter Studiare to study
Essere to be Svegliare to wake up
Fare to make, do Tenere to keep
Finire to finish Tornare to return
Giocare to play Trovare to find
Guardare to watch Uscire to go out, exit
Imparare to learn Vedere to see
Incontrare to encounter Vendere to sell
Lavare to wash Venire to come
Lavorare to work Vestire to dress
Leggere to read Viaggiare to travel
Mangiare to eat Vincere to win
Morire to die Volere to want