Greetings (Saluti)

Cosa voi da me

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Italian and Indian hand gestures are complicated! Before we learn gestures lets see some common ways to greet in Italiano.

Hi! Ciao!
Hello Salve!
Good morning! Buongiorno!
Good afternoon! Buongiorno!
Good evening! Buonasera!
Welcome! (to greet someone) Benvenuto!
How are you? (friendly) Come stai?
How are you? (polite) Come sta?
I’m fine, thank you! Bene, grazie.
And you? (friendly) E tu?
And you? (polite) E lei?
Good Bene
Bad Male
Thank you (very much)! Grazie (mille)!
You’re welcome! (for “thank you”) Prego!

Italian Food and Tastes

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If you are trying to learn Italian cooking, love Italian food like me or lost in translation, here are some of the common ingredients worth learning!


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